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Buying an item with money provided by client, is it legit?

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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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Alice G wrote:

I'm new to Upwork and I was just offered my first proposal. The client asked me to buy an item for him with money he'd provide upfront. This would take care of the cost of the item itself and my pay. Which I imagine UpWork would take their 20 percent. I know not to accept money from an outside source such as paypal with a client but I wanted to see if anyone knew if this was an unusual request and possibly a scam? 


I'll start off by saying that scammers usually contact freelancers who are new because new freelancers are naive, they don't know the procedures of this site and they don't know what to look out for. New freelancers are easy prey for scammers. If you didn't submit a proposal for this job, then you should be wary.


This could be, maybe, a legitimate job. There are clients for example living in Canada and certain companies will not ship to Canada or overseas. But those clients buy the product themselves and have it shipped to you. You then ship it to the residence of the client. If that is the case, those clients will pay for the item, and the shipping cost - in addition they will also pay you the cost for shipping the item to them. 


I somehow think this job is for a review. If that is the case, Amazon is cracking down on false reviews both the client who asked for the review and for the person who gave that review. Lets just say, this job turns out to be a review. Do you have bunions? Will you use this device on YOUR bunions? If you don't have bunions or have no use for this item, what review could you possible give?