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Lwanga G Member Since: Mar 5, 2011
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Over the few past months, I have been having delays in my cash submission to my bank. My bank is very fast in processing the money. Every time I call oDesk to complain I get the cash within minutes (My bank notifies me of the cash deposit through test message. That shows me that the money is always with oDesk when delayed. I got the notion that this is how they do at elance, because this never happened before they joined us (or we joined them). It only used to take two days to get my money, now it is taking over 10 days from withdrawal time. Odesk should correct this. Like now I have "Expected date of delivery: 08-Sep-2014", I haven't received it yet and this could take a few more days. Again, it is not my bank, it is oDesk (Very sure of this). I am going to launch a complain through customer care and I am sure I'll get it within minutes, but this shouldn't be the way to release cash every time! Otherwise we thank oDest for all the efforts to connect us with project/jobs opportunities. You do a great job. Is anyone else experiencing this? I use Wire Transfer. Kind regards, Lwanga