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CLIENTS should please end job postings when they've hired a freelancer

Hello to everyone in this forum, please Upwork should try to remind clients that when they have successfully hired a freelancer, they should always mark the job postings as CLOSED. Sometimes, we freelancers use our last connects to apply for a job we find interest in and later on the client hold the job still on and our last dine of connects are still being held due to the client refusing to close the job. Please Upwork customer service should work with the clients and always remind them to CLOSE A JOB AFTER HIRING A FREELANCER. And our beloved clients, please work towards this and always remember to close jobs that you've already hired someone, THANKS!

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Hi Promise,


This is something that's already a place. The screen the client sees right after sending an offer prompts them to choose between closing the related job posting or keeping it open if they are planning to hire more freelancers for the same job. They need to choose between the two option in order to move onto the next step. While we have no plans to make it a requirement for clients to close jobs as many of them need to keep jobs open for various reasons, we do definitely encourage them to close postings they no longer use.

~ Valeria
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The client might want to hire more freelancers, or a different one, who knows. 

You can see how many hires there are on a job posting before you send a proposal, surely you are reading it this far before you apply?

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