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Call and video features in upwork mobile app

Hi all!


For effective and quick communication with clients, I need to use call and video features of upwork mobile app, is there any solution available for it?


Best Regards, 

Engr. Abdul Wajid. 


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Using skype will not violate the upwork's terms and policies?

Hi Syed,


Communicating outside of Upwork is not a violation of our TOS. Feel free to use the communication method that is the best fit for your needs. Thank you.

~ Goran

1) I was told by my contractor that they would be banned from the Upwork platform if the communicated outside of Upwork’s platform ; is that not true??

2) can I make an audio call through the mobile app?

re: "I was told by my contractor that they would be banned from the Upwork platform if the communicated outside of Upwork’s platform ; is that not true??"


What that contractor told you is 100% false.


But I don't think the contrator is lying to you. I think the contractor is confused and really believes this.

I was told the same thing by a freelancer I wanted to hire. She completely misunderstood the scope, and only a voice-to-voice could fix it. She was Russian, and terrified that Upwork would banish her for life if she ever tried to communicate outside the platform.


Intentionally or otherwise, it appears that many freelancers for whom English is not a first language live in fear of a vengeous Upwork. I cannot believe that anyone at Upwork wishes that to be the case. I strongly recommend that Upwork draft a statement about off-platform communications and what will, and will not, result in punishment. I'll translate it into German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese for someone else to proofread, for free.We will still need Slavic languages, Arabic, Chinese, Turkish, Japanese and a few others. This shoiuld be a volunteer "Good of the Community" effort.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abdul, 

Please know that the call and video feature is not yet available on the Upwork Mobile App. You may check this help article for more information on what features are currently available on the Mobile App. In the future, we plan to add more functionality to our mobile app. 

~ Avery

It's almost been a year and the Upwork mobile program still doesn't support phone calls?

What are our 20% commissions paying for?

If you have a mobile phone, why don't you simply use its phone feature to call? I am sorry if Upwork not adding this to their mobile app causes you concern. But there is a workaround.

When I send my phone number to a client through the UpWork messenger, I am presented with a warning from UpWork that implies it is unsafe to take the conversation off-platform. Perhaps this warning from UpWork is the source of the concern that others are expressing here?

Sure it is the source, it's just not the problem. Upwork's focus on a rigid Terms of Service cannot accommodate many needs of freelancers and their clients. I say again, value can only be created where trust reigns.

So can I share my number

Hi Lakshmi,


Please keep in mind that communicating outside of Upwork before an official contract is formed, it is not allowed and is in violation of our TOS. Once you`re hired on an official contract you and your client can use another communicating method. Thank you.

~ Goran
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