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Can I approve my own milestone?

I have an old client from last year who recently came back to me and offered a new contract as his bookkeeper/hiring manager. We agreed on a fixed rate per task and will then be paid monthly. He is very busy and would oftentimes ask me to pay his freelancer (using his money, of course). He asked me if I can pay (as the hiring manager) myself in Upwork. I don't know if this will cause me to be banned so I refused.

My question is, was I right? Would I be at risk of being banned if I approve/release my own milestone? Or is that something I'm allowed to do as long as he asks me to?

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According to my experience you are allowed to do long term projects and you can pay on the behalf of your clients.

Being a client How will I do long term project. Can you give me a brief details.

If there any specific guidance resources so kindly share it here.

Hi Leon,


Are you referring to managing long term projects as a freelancer or as a client? Could you please share more details so that I can guide you accordingly? Thank you.

~ Goran
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Being an **Edited for Community Guidelines** i recommend that there is no need to take any risk. What you did was right. 

Consider my opinion. Thanks

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