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Can I borrow another client's Time Tracker?

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Brian G Member Since: Dec 11, 2011
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I have a newbie client who is still figuring out how things work. I edited the book's intro as a tryout. It took about an hour. So I got paid via a fixed price contract equal to one hour of my time. Now I'm supposed to do the rest of the book, tell the client how long it took, and then I'll get paid that many hours times my rate. I sense that explaining about hourly contracts and the time tracker would be time-consuming and quite possibly unsuccessful. (I had another similar experience recently.) So, my question is, Can I just use another client's time tracker, record my hours, then delete everything without the client noticing or anything bad happening? (Bad such as needing to refund money or explain to the client why it appears I'm trying to charge him for something.) I'm probably making this too difficult but I like oDesk's time tracker better than the one I use for outside clients.
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Heather H Member Since: May 9, 2011
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Why not just have him put you on an hourly contract, do you work as agreed, and let him see after a week how it works? or, just set a rate for the project and get your payment in milestones. You should NOT ever track time to another client, if you just want to see how long it took, look at your clock when you start and when you stop. If you cant manage that, create an agency on your profile, and track time to yourself. You wont be charging any money to yourself, but you can keep track of the time worked. Another option is just to download a task tracker off the net to track how much time you are spending on any given task.
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German G Member Since: Jun 16, 2013
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Brian, try Hubstaff (dot com). It's free for individuals and it's the closest thing to oDesk's time tracker.
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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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Is it really that hard for a client to use the time tracker? I have never had any complaints before, not even from newbie clients. You do need a certain amount of intelligence to run a business, and while I'm not a client, I suspect that there are instructions for clients in Help, and support would also guide them through it. Is it possible that the issue isn't difficulty, but that they don't like the idea of oDesk taking payments out of their credit cards automatically? Edit: Totally changing the subject, but I see in your portfolio that you wrote an article on NYT v Sullivan. I wrote a research paper on that as part of my political science degree.
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David G Member Since: Oct 6, 2011
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For clients I have that are fixed price jobs (on and off oDesk) I use a program called Klok to keep track of my hours. I use the free version and I like it quite a bit. I like to know how long it takes me to complete a job even if it's a fixed price job because it helps me estimate the cost for similar jobs.