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Can I change my Upwork Feed?

Hello team, 
I've been wondering is it possible to change the kind of jobs I receive on my feed? I've been receiving feeds that are outside the scope of what am looking to do, and I have to search every time to scroll for the jobs I intend to send prposals for. 
Is this something that I can adjust, if yes, how?


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Caleb,


Yes you can edit your job feed by adjusting your saved search results.
First, you will need to delete your saved search results and then add new ones. Once you start adding your new search results, you can also utilize our filters to further refine the search results. Thank you.

~ Goran

How ?

Yes, I tried this before I saw this solution and it worked out fine but on a new day, it gets back.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Fortune,


Could you please try saving the search after performing it? Here's more info on performing searches.



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I also have this type of issue when I log in on a new day but what I do is to click on best match and recomendations. Then search some key words, this helps to get some related work


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