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Can I change my proposed fixed rate after i have sent a proposal?

Dear all,

I'm considering to submit a proposal on a job posting which requires creating a real estate lease agreement. The job description is very brief and the payment type is fixed price (e.g. $50).

The problem is that the lease agreement must be certified by a public notary and get a state registration at the Cadastre. This requires state fees which may range according to the type of real estate (this is not specified in the job description). And the minimum amount is like $60.

I was thinking if it is possible to raise my proposed rate ($50) after I have submitted the proposal? Because I wouldn't like to pay the state fees from my own funds.  The problem is that I cannot get any details from the client before submitting the proposal so that I could offer him/her my final rate which would also include the state fees.

What would you advice for such situations?

Thanks a lot.


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Propose a rate that includes your pay rate and the cost of outside fees (grossed up to account for the fact Upwork will impose a rate of 20% on al money you receive from the client).


So, if you fixed rate is $50 and the related fees you'll have to pay to a third party to complete the job are $60, your total rate paid by the client would be $50 + ($60 x 120%) = $122.



I deal a lot with numbers, which need to be very accurate to be useful.


I made a  mistake in the formula  gave you, which should have been $50 + ($60 * 125%) = 125, if you want to have the client pay the full price of the fees net of Upwork 20% fee you will have to pay on the fee-related add-on amount..


You may not care about a $3 difference, but this is the correct calculation.

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