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Can I copy pate a Message from Upwork forum into the Client's Message Board for asking Feedback?

Hi guys,


I worked with my client, and it was a lengthy project. She has paid me for the work, but the job is still in progress as she did not end the contract. So, checking the forum I searched for, " can I ask my client for feedback on Upwork?'' there, I found a message that how you can ask for feedback in a friendly manner.


For now, my question is, can I copy and paste this message into the clients' message board?


Please, seniors, guide me. Thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muhammad, 

Every tip that has been shared here in the Community as a guide. While I do not recommend that you copy and paste the exact message, you may want to use the message as a guide and draft a similar request in your own words. 

~ Avery
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