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Can I flag jobs with no activity?

I'm new to Upwork, so I appreciate the ability to flag jobs that seem suspicious or scammy, and I'm wondering if I could flag a job in the following circumstance:

I have three proposals sitting in my Submitted Proposals queue gathering dust. I'm concerned that these jobs were just abandoned by the original poster and that I've wasted my connects. I understand that the metrics in the Activity on This Job module can often be untrustworthy, but when the job has zero hires, the Client's Recent History is empty, and the Last Viewed statistic says "14 days ago," I worry that I've wasted connects (and money). Is it possible to flag jobs like this and have connects refunded?

Is it possible that these clients have made a hire but their statistics haven't updated? How long will these proposals continue to sit in my Submitted Proposals queue?

I appreciate your help!
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Katherine T wrote: Is it possible to flag jobs like this and have connects refunded??


That would be like a shop sending the police to your house because you tried on a pair of boots and didn't buy them a few days later. It would be entirely inappropriate to abuse the function in that way. 


Job posts expire after 30 days of inactivity and you do not get the connects back. There is no point even looking at your supmitted proposals. Keep applying and then forget all about that job unless and until a client contacts you back.

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Wasting some of your connects is the name of the game, it's like firing out a whole load of application letters and only hearing back from a few, you just have to throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks. IIRC your connects are refunded if the client closes the job WITHOUT hiring anyone at all.

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