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Can I get suspended for changing my location

I'm trying to change my location so I can withdraw funds to my local bank account in my current country of residence (I'm there on holiday). I'm scared to do so because of the horror stories I've heard concerning upwork suspending accounts due to location or residential misunderstandings. What do I do please?


Hi Marian,


Please know that the address on your Upwork account must reflect your physical location. If you're staying in a different country for an extended period of time, we do recommend you update your location to match where you really are.


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Upwork does not prevent people from traveling or moving to a new location. People aren't penalized for doing so.


Freelancers have had problems when the play games and try to lie about where they live.


If you are being honest and not trying to game the system, then you don't need to worry about getting suspended because you move to a new home.

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Marian A wrote:

I'm trying to change my location so I can withdraw funds to my local bank account in my current country of residence (I'm there on holiday).

You created a bank-account in a country you're "on holiday" in?

As long as you never lie about where you live, there is no problem. If you claim to be in Canada when really you live in Nigeria, you may well have a problem sooner or later and could lose your account, yes.

If you are in Nigeria, change your location to Nigeria. Don't change it back to Canada unless you are "back" and actually living in Canada...

😄LOL! Why on Earth did you pick Nigeria as the example? 🤔 Someone chillin' in Canada could just as easily switch their location to Nigeria, ya know? It's a two-way teleportation magic! :globe_showing_europe_africa::rocket:

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There is a verification message that Your ID document location does not match with your profile location. I am in a different location and i want to be here, but my ID document location in another place. How to let up work that i am in this location other than my ID document location?

Hi Fahad,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Please know that if your profile location and your ID don’t match, we’ll automatically add another step to verify your location. This helps us prevent scams.


With that said, I've shared your concern with the appropriate team for review and one of the members will be assisting you further via a support ticket. You may access your ticket and coordinate with the team on this page once your case is fully reviewed.


~ Arjay

Hello Arjay
Hope you are doing good 
last year I created an Upwork profile then my location is Pakistan now I'm in Saudia Arabia can I change my location now without any problem?

Hi Waqas,


In general, if you are traveling and are temporarily away from your country of residence, you don't need to update your location. If it does raise any flags on our end, the team will contact you directly. However, if you're moving to Saudi Arabia indefinitely or for an extended period, you should update your location.

~ Luiggi

Hey Luiggi
Thanks for your response
I will now long period stay in Saudia Arabia and I also got a resident card from the Saudi Arabia government please tell me if the resident card is enough for validation for any issue 

Waqas Nawaz

Hi Waqas,


If the team finds the need to verify your account when you update your location, you will be notified about which documents you can submit to proceed with your verification. You can check this article for some general guidelines regarding the verification process.

~ Luiggi
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