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Can I login Upwork using VPN



Can I use VPN to use Upwork? Often I face a problem loading message page on Upwork although web-socket is working fine and there is no antivirus issue the message page is not loaded unless using VPN.


Problem is, a few days ago I got a notification from Upwork which requested phone verification, I think happened due to using VPN (They said it was logged from a different location and I should verify it).


So, what would be the best solution and using VPN would violate Upwork policy or not?

PS: Both web and desktop version app treating in the same.



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Hi Abdru,

Feel free to use VPN or a proxy while using your Upwork account, it's not a violation of Upwork ToS and please post any questions you have on that ticket thread for verification. Thanks.

~ Jo-An


Hi Abdru,

I’m writing because we are concerned the location you have listed on your Upwork account might be inaccurate.

We noticed that someone has signed into your Upwork account from a location outside that address.

As a result, we have placed a temporary hold on your account. During this hold, you can continue to work any current contracts, but cannot submit proposals for new jobs.


Firstly, Thank you very much for your solution. This was my message that I got form Upwork. I don't believe that my account was hacked so got the only reason as using VPN. Although I had used it before (past years) and there was no problem. So getting this notification from Upwork I was confused about what was the real problem. 


My problem is solved but I want to be careful and fully conscious in the future.

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