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Can I remove feedback after I get Top Rated?

I was reading about the "remove feeback" perk for Top Rated and Top Rated Plus.


1. Question: Let's say I recently became Top Rated... can I request to remove feedback that was left a few weeks ago? In other words, is there a limit on how far back I can go to remove feedback (assuming I'm currently Top Rated)?


2. Let's say my JSS is 91% because (according to my estimates) I had one negative private review (even though all my public reviews are 4.75 or higher). How would I know which review to request removal from my JSS since I can't tell which client left the negative private feedback?




Hi David,


Thank you for reaching out. If you become a Top Rated or Top Rated Plus freelancer, your hard work will earn you the benefit of more control over your Job Success Score. This means that you can occasionally request the removal of client feedback.


You can check this article for the guidelines.

~ AJ
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David S.,


To save you some reading and give you direct answers to your questions:


1. I don't know if Upwork has publicly stated the deadline for requesting feedback removal as a Top Rated freelancer, but I assume the request must be made so Upwork can do the removal within 14 days of the feedback being posted by the client. (Please go ahead and request feedback older than that be removed and then come back here to let us know if you were able to. Thanks in advance.)


2. Upwork doesn't want any freelancer (Top Rated or not) to directly identify which client's private feedback is responsible for negatively affecting the freelancer's JSS. If you have multiple clients closing their projects (and leaving feedback) during a particular two-week JSS calculation period you will have no way to be certain which single client's all-important private feedback was significantly negative. This is a good reason to only close one project per two week JSS calculation period. (This is not a perfect solution, because the freelancer can't know if any particular client feedback dropped out of the beginning date of the period for each new JSS calculation.)


Also, Upwork has said it will remove feedback from consistently "difficult to work with" clients from those clients' freelancers' calculation of their JSS, but Upwork won't tell freelancers which clients fit this criterium. So, you could end upwasting your removal perk by removing private feedback that Upwork has already decided won't be in your JSS calculation.


Good luck!

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