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Can I request to end a contract without penalty?

I accepted a job to write some code for some people in finance. We were supposed to start this week but they haven't provided the details and credentials that I need to proceed. They're asking me to be patient but I have a feeling they're not ready to proceed and may not be for some time.

I appreciate getting the contract but I have other projects coming up and I'm worried that by the time they are ready to proceed I'll be knee deep in some bigger projects.


Is it okay to ask them to terminate our contract until they are ready to proceed?

I wouldn't want this to impact my 100% job success score but at the same time I'm not comfortable just leaving things up in the air until they decide they are ready.

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Upwork won't impose a penalty on you if the client or you close the project, but the client will have the ability to leave feedback for you.


Upwork clients just disappear without cause from time to time. Get used to it and wait for a month or more of no communication before closing a project yourself.


If the project is hourly, ask the clients to pause the project until they're ready to go. Many clients prefer that to closing a project, not realizing they have pretty much the same effects. I don't know of any time limit on pausing an hourly project, but you can still cancel it whenever you wish.

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