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Can I see who posted a job so I can address him/her in Cover Letter?

Hi Upwork Community!


I've submitted a few proposals since starting over a month ago, and have not been able to address any clients by name in the cover letters for proposals because I cannot seem to find their names anywhere on the job posting. 


However, when I go back into the "My Proposals" tab to see what I've sent out, I can see the name of the client right under the posting link. When I click on it to go to the job posting, there's no name in sight. Anyone know why this is and/or if there is a way for me to properly address someone when submitting a proposal? 





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Intentionally, Upwork does not provide names and contact information for clients.


Do not address clients by name when writing proposals.

Why is it like this?


Because there were very naughty, very inappropriate freelancers who used the names, did searching on the web, and contacted clients directly, proposing that they bypass Upwork entirely and not pay Upwork fees. Aside from that, those freelancers were pests.

re: Do not address clients by name when writing proposals.


I think it's safe, and appropriate to address clients by the name if that is what they have signed the job posting with.

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The only way you might be able to find this out is by looking at their reviews if they have any. 

Sometimes a reviewer will mention their first name, so if I see that I will often address them by their name, which I think helps in your proposal. I've had more replies from potential clients when I do that.


Thanks so much! All those responses were helpful. 🙂 

@Alyssa V wrote:

Thanks so much! All those responses were helpful. 🙂 

It is not expected, nor is it necessary to address clients by their names. If you see a name in feedback a freelancer has left, that doesn't necessarily mean that's the name of the person who posted the job.


There are clients/projects where a freelancer might be dealing with 3 or 4 different people within the same company (I have several clients who have added multiple people to my projects). So you might say "Hello Mary", when it's actually "John" who has posted the job.


It's best to just get right into your bid from the very first sentence and not concern yourself with whom you're addressing.

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