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Can I share my Government Issued ID or Passport For NDA Before contract starts?

Hi Mates,

How you guys handle potential clients when they ask Government Issued ID or Passport for their legal process of company to get hire?

Is that violate Upwork TOS, If I share government issued ID or Password before contract starts for Creating an Agreement or NDA? He saying that he need that ID for further proccedings. Should I share that with him?


My other question is specially focused on Figma. Please answer and specify If I can share my email to get access to a figma link of a project before contract starts?




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Sharing ID/Passport

It's not forbidden but I wouldn't do it. Even if the job is real (not a scam or something), I'd rather find another one out there that are not posted by paranoid clients.


Well, the pay will be taken into consideration as well.



Sharing email for Figma access

It is allowed. What's not allowed before contract is to do discussions outside of Upwork.

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