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Can I share my behance portfolio link on proposal ?

Hi Upwork Team 

I'm newbie in Upwork here . Please  Confirm me. 


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Yes‚ feel free to use your Behance portfolio link in your proposal. When I send proposal i am always add with Behance and Dribbble portfolio link. But make sure in your Behance account not add any social media link. So that the client can't contact you outside of Upwork. And you can tell him to communicate only through Upwork.

no social media is linked on my behance profile. But in banner photo my mail,phone number and every social media's user name is available,is it a problem?


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Hi Abu, things can be shared provided they don't bring Businesses off of Upwork. Create a PDF and attach within Upwork as an example.

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Yes, you can. 

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