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Can Upwork please enhance keyword search criteria for freelancers?

Searching for jobs can take hours because there are so many posts. It doesn't need to be that way though if the keyword search engine was improved with more parameters. Help us spend more time working and less time searching please.


A couple suggestions:

Keyword searching that can be in titles only, in body only, in skills only etc...

Keyword searching that is non exclusionary, but preferential. For example. If you're searching for gigs with the word "animation" have them populate in the list first without removing all jobs that don't have that word.


And if the community has suggestions for me, happy to hear those as well. I'll be honest, i simply can't find a way to make the keyword searching useful to me at all so i just don't use it ever.


An example of why i can't use keywords, but there are many:

I'm an animator/video editor. I have zero ability to create anything which is 3D. So, you'd think using "3D" as an exclusionary keyword might be useful to me but it isn't. Many clients aren't sure what type of animation they want, they're open to suggestions. So they might click job skills with anything they can think of that is video related. "Make me an explainer video"- job skills: filming, animating, 2d, 3d, cartoon etc....If i use 3d as an exclusionary keyword, i miss this posting and it might have been perfect for me....As per my first suggestion on improvements, excluding "3d" from titles or body of posting would be very useful. A person looking for 3D design is going to mention it in what they type. So if i were to exclude "3D" from body paragraphs or titles, but not from job skills, i'd still populate lists with the jobs that apply to me.

An example of why i can't use inclusionary keywords:

Suppose i use keywords ANY (animation OR video OR promo OR cartoon OR explainer)....and a posting goes up thats perfect for me that uses none of those words "I need an advertisement produced for youtube". I won't see it. I haven't got space to include every keyword in the english language that means "video" and people use dozens of words.


I'm not sure what the solutions are for all this, just pointing out that i do specific work and keyword searching is completely useless for me. It shouldn't be that way and ideally i shouldn't be spending hours scrolling through posts that don't suit me. If i'm able to filter manually- it could also be done by software. If I see "3d" in a title i skip it etc... More parameters would provide solutions and let me spend more time working.



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Going to add to this IF/THEN or UNLESSas another parameter. So for example. I could exclude "3d", unless the person has also mentioned "2d" NOT (3d) UNLESS (2d) . If they've mentioned both, they might want me. If they've only mentioned "3D", im not going to be right for them.


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Oh and if anyone has a suggestion on where it might be more useful for me to send this request, happy to hear. I'm realistic. It's odd that they haven't done things like this already. Upwork doesn't make money while we're searching through pages of unapplicable posts. I could be using my searching time to learn how to create 3D animations! haha. And that would ultimately mean more money for Upwork. Ah well. Thanks again for reading.

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