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Can a Freelancer Propose a Job Offer to New Client?

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I think there s no way that a Freelancer can propose a job offer to a New client. So that he can accept that milestone, I know this feature is available for clients we've already worked with but not for new Clients.


Sometimes a new client post an hourly contract and ask to Offer a Fixed Price Proposal so that he can accept the Milestone because he doesn't know how to change an hourly contract to fix price job.


Upwork is highly requested to add this new feature so we can get more jobs. Or if already available let me know. Thank you



Hi Muhammad,


Thank you for reaching out. When a client wants to hire a freelancer, they have the opportunity to update the offer to include the project title, description, and payment terms. They will be taken to this page before actually sending the offer.


They can easily switch from hourly to fixed-price as shown below.



~ AJ

Hi Annie


thank you for your reply. It's a suggestion to add this feature for new clients. So that a freelancer can Propose a milestone as we can do it for old clients. 


Some new client doesn't know how to hire a freelancer and send a contract. But they want to use this platform.


Thank you.

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