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Can a confirmation step be added to Payments?

So the time to push my payment to PayPal comes around as usual. I do the usual and select where I want the money to go and how much and click submit. Except that this time I accidentally clicked on the bank account I have attached to my account instead of PayPal and off my money goes to the wrong destination, 'causing a panic on my end because I have bills I had to pay. I immediately called Upwork to see if the money could be intercepted and returned to my account so I could send it to the correct destination but I find out that ACH transfers take 5 days to reverse (in 2019??? Really???). So while I'm sitting here waiting for my money I have to wonder:


Why isn't there a confirmation step before the money is sent?


When I transfer money to another destination in Paypal or wherever, before the transaction is completed I'm given a summary of the actions about to be taken to look over and make sure everything is correct and I'm given the ability to make changes if it's not. I've asked for this feature once before because it's happened in the past and now I'm asking for it again: Can a final confirmation step be added to the Payments section that would give us a chance to correct errors before the money is sent out? This sanity check is pretty standard for anything involving money whether shopping online, banking, or what have you. I think it's long overdue for Upwork to implement something like this.

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This is unnecessary

There are already a couple of confirmation buttons that I need to click when I withdraw funds.

We don't need another one.

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