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Can agencies as well as their members apply for the same job?

My guess is that agencies can apply for the job as well as the members in that agencies can apply for the same job as individuals.
Is that even possible?
If it's possible won't that be unfair to individuals who can't win against probablity as the chances of visibility of those agencies and their individuals can be higher if the clients doesn't know that they are part of same agency.

I'm just taking a guess here as I have never been a part of an agency that's why I'm asking and to get clear idea about this as I see many recent jobs are being filled out with 50+ proposals within 5-10mins

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You need to understand how agency bidding works, when an agency sends a proposal it has to be linked to any of the members under their agency. So, if I send a proposal to one of the jobs on behalf of a member, the same member cannot apply to the same job using their profile. 


So, ones the freelancer or the agency submits the proposal the other party cannot send the proposal for the same job. 


Having said that, it is possible for the agency to submit multiple proposals on the same job on behalf of other agency members.


I just tested and verified both scenarios. 







Non-exclusive agency member here. I confirm Ashraf's test results. I get to apply as either myself or as an Agent - never both.

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