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Can an existing freelancer be added to a company as a coworker?

I am a freelancer and working for some company via Upwork. One of my tasks is to help with finding new freelancers for other jobs this company has. Is it possible to add me as a coworker to that company so I can manage jobs and communicate with freelancers as for the jobs? and how it can be done? Thanks.

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Community Manager

Hi Hanna,


Yes, that s possible. Please share with your Client this help article for more information about how they can add you to their team.


Thank you.

~ Bojan

Now the problem is that there are already a few job posts online he needs my help with. And they are, on his general account (original team), some other jobs I have nothing to do with. So, the question is is it possible to transfer some existing job posts to a new team so I can have access to them as a member of that new team? Or is it possible to give access to some specific job posts without giving access to the whole account? what can be done?

Hi Hanna,


Jobs posted under one team can't be transferred to another one. In this case, your client will need to repost his under your team so that you can view them. If your client needs further help with something they can reach out to us here or to our Customer Support directly. Thank you.

~ Goran
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