Can anyone explain this?

Hello everyone,

I came across this job post:

"I need xxx translator to translate about 4300 words from X to Y, I will pay 30 $ for this translation, deadline is 2 days"


This was posted 13 days ago. A fixed price job. The client hired 19 freelancers!! How come?


PS: they said they need to hire only 2 freelancers.



No nobody can explain it.


@Virginia --


I don't think this is an entirely new account. Lahcen has been offering to do English proofreading and translations into English for a while, now, despite the advice of seasoned and successful freelancers that he is not qualified to do so.

No, Virginia.


I'm just making some changes following the advice of some freelancers who reviewed my profile.


4300 words for $ 30....




@Petra R wrote:

4300 words for $ 30....



 Yes, Petra. And 19 Fls HIRED!! What a shame!

And the client will tell each of the 19 freelancers to submit a sample. And each of those 19 freelancers will receive a different section of the document. And when they are all finished, the client will just disappear and have their entire document translated.


Or the client will fund escrow for $1 promising to pay each freelancer the rest when the sections assigned to them are finished. And then the client will disappear.

 OR the "client" will assign the job (likely broken up into parts) to a freelancer (likely multiple freelancers), asking for the freelancers to send along the work as it is completed, so that accuracy can be "checked," The "client" will be happy and reassuring until the point where enough work has been done, and then he will suddenly decide that the translation is "junk" and will berate the translator, asking how the freelancer can send such horrible stuff. "What I can do with this???" the client will virtually scream. "You promised could do this! You are fake and liar! Now I am at deadline and work is not acceptedble!" Thus the client will try to bully the translator into accepting no pay or else a very reduced amount -- and the translator will not realize that the client/farmer never intended for the job to be finished by a single person at all, and that the supposed "deadline" probably is several days (or even weeks) hence.


Indeed, there may be any number of actual jobs being farmed out under the guise of a single job posting. You never know. That would explain the apparent conflicts of "need it in 2 days" versus activity almost two weeks later, as well as "need 2 freelancers" versus 19 freelancers actually hired.

That's obvious lol