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Can anyone spare a moment to give first impressions of my profile? - not getting invites

Hello all. I would be very appretiative if anyone could spare a moment for this. 


To be brief, I have been on Upwork for 2-3 years now and have built up 100% positive feedback on my profile. I have had at least some success to get this far but I am finding that I very rarely get invited to bid and send a proposal on relevant jobs. 


I contacted Upwork support about that and they confirm that my profile will be coming up as a suggested freelancer to contact when people are posting jobs ( In my case people looking for Podcast editors ) . 


I am trying to figure out what might be putting people off choosing me. I realise everyone is busy but if anyone can spare a moment I would love to learn any first impressions people get or any ideas as to why people might decide not to invite me to send a proposal. It certainly cant be anything to do with my feedback. 


My profile is here - https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~01b77569d1f78662ae?viewMode=1


Thank you

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It looks good. Maybe clients are expecting a video introduction in your line of work, so I would definitely add one. 

Thank you Martina. Thats something to definitely consider. 

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I saw your profile and you are doing very well. Mine is going worse. Here is my profile link:


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Without knowing your industry, I'd say your profile rate is too low.


Raise it and go for better paid jobs where there's less competition.

My hourly rate for pay?. Thats a fair point and I should probably consider that. Thank you.

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What is your primary concern? Is it that you are not getting invites from clients or not winning jobs? 


If it is about the invites, it is not really an issue as not everyone is going to get invites...you get invites when clients search and find suitable proposals...in order for you to appear in the search your profile should rank and your earning level and activity is a factor for ranking profile in search result. 


If it is about winning proposals, you should send out more proposals...and not just a few and sit back...this is a very competitive place and you have to be aggressive in your proposals...


Also, Upwork says you've been invited 5 times recently! 




Well I guess both. Not getting the invites and rarely win jobs. 


I take your point and yeah agreed its an aggressive market place. There are times when I am constantly sending proposals and then there are times when I kinda loose heart and step back a bit. But yeah I guess the solution is to keep at it and keep sending those proposals. Thank you for your points. 

Oh, and yeah the 5 times I have been invited they have been totally innapropriate jobs. 

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Hello Engin, first, congratulations on your obvious successes so far!


Since you have  asked, there were a couple things I noticed - they might be nitpicky and inconsequential so please disregard if not helpful!


In general, there is something slightly hesitant to me in some parts of your profile that doesn't match up with your client feedback and JSS score. "Nearly" 20 years sounds a little reticent to me. Either say 18, 19 or 20. It sounds stronger. In the second sentence capitilize "piece" and also is there a different word you could use? 'Recording?' I don't know as it's not my field. Maybe instead of "Service includes" say- "I will" ---- then the bullet points. (Edit dialogue...) and then maybe, "Video editing, show notes, transcribing....can be added on..." something like that. Then closing with stronger more definitve language, "I bring a disciplined mature approach to my work and will meet your deadlines, bla bla bla something more like that.  Please contact me any time to discuss your project..."


And - can you put audio samples of work on your page?


You are clearly doing well, and have the chops. I did get a sense that your wording about yourself doesn't do your level of work justice. Just my impression - ~ k

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Kate thank you so much. Very valid observations and I am going to address some of them today. 

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