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Can i file a dispute? How can i file it? if so


 Well, i had a job awareded, and my duty was to change a template of site.


2 days i work on that, and i changed all the things as per my client want. Now its fix price job and escrow has been funded.


I today sended a review for client and despite sending me the rest of content of site despite sending me content client just say he want to cancel job and want me to accept escrow refund request and saying he just think that i am learning on template? (by the way i already shown him site that i made using the same template and i legally downloaded the paid tempalte and even the template provided by me) which he never ever ask nor he prove any thing.


I never ever think of creating a dispute in my whole 5 year carrer but this time i want it to.


Working on 5 years of Joomla and my cleint just want to cancel job that i did not know how to work on template that the basis thing, strange argumetn.


In short, i want to know can i file a dispute? not to give him refund escrow rather going with dispute resolution. If so


How and where to file a dispute. I did not find any option to file a dispute.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muddasir,


I am sorry there is a misunderstanding between you and your client. I suggest you try and resolve it by communicating with the client before filing a dispute. If you believe you provided quality product but the client still wants a refund, you will be able to dispute. If the client ends the contract and requests a refund from Escrow, you will be notified and have an option to dispute.


Please, see this help article for details.

~ Valeria