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Can i hire someone to find jobs for me?

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Konstantin E Member Since: Feb 4, 2020
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Probably a strange request, but why not?


I am a Unity3d developer. I suppose, that i can code quite good. I even have ready projects. The main thing is that i LIKE coding. I like designing games. I can do it a lot.




I am not a salesman. And the toughest thing i have to do on Upwork is to sale myself for some job. Make portfolio, fill my profile page and write proposals. I HATE it. I am a little newbie here, and wrote only several of them, and i probably can write a winning proposal in some time. But my nerves are running out. I never liked to get aquainted to new people, being communicative, and i am often very nervous with it.


So, the thing i want to ask: is there a way for me to have somebody to represent me as a developer? For example, a company that once interview with me, talk a lot, really know my skills, my projects, then add to their database and search job for me, making interviews themselves. And they, probably, take part of my job reward (not most of it).

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Varun G Member Since: Dec 11, 2019
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Make an agency and have someone apply to jobs as an agency rep. Nobody else is allowed to login to your individual Upwork account on your behalf.