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Can i refer some other UpWork freelancer to a new client? If I am not interest for the job.

I wanted to confirm, can I refer other freelancers (Any of my colleagues or friend on UpWork) to the new client? If I am not interested for any particaulr new job?
For example: Previously, I got a job invitations and everything was good, the job looks good but client asked that I need to available every day (For 2-3 hours) for the voice call, but I don't wanted to do that.

Then, I was thnking that if I am not interested for that job can I refer any of my friend (On UpWork) who's interested? 

If i can tell the client that I know a friend who can do this job for him on UpWork. Anybody? Please confirm.



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I am a client who would be delighted to get a lead on a worker. If I had invited you it means I believe your judgment was trustworthy. All leads welcome.

Some of us make referrals all the time.  As long as you know the FL you are referring is talented, ethical, and punctual on delivery.

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