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Can someone review my profile and provide feedback?

Hello everyone! Can you review my profile and provide feedback, suggestions or advice. I'm looking to create a strong & unique profile to attract clients, potentially enterprise clients or long-term contracts and thus I need some input from the Upwork Community on this. Thank you in advance!

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In general, I think your profile is excellent—better than many who've asked for profile reviews. And your job history is sure to attract customers. 


Some small things:


- It's not really professional to use ampersands ("&") in place of "and" in formal text. You might want to correct those. 


- Your images for the projects in your catalog are all the same. Since you're someone who is marketing a graphic service, I would suggest taking the time to create more enticing covers to attract clients. Canva is a good resource for free or affordable graphic design resources. Maybe you could try that to create some featured images.


- At the top of your job history, you should change you're employer to "Self-Employed" unless you are actually working as an Upwork employee. That could be misleading. 

Thank you Alisha for taking the time to give these suggestions. I'll definitely refine my profile based on your points. Highly appreciate it!

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