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Can't Connect with LinkedIn

I'm having trouble connecting with my LinkedIn profile. When I click the "LinkedIn" button in my profile settings, it opens a new window which immediately closes. LinkedIn is not showing UpWork as a connected app. Upwork is not showing that LinkedIn is connected. I've tried logging in and out of both platforms and disabling any ad or popup blockers.


Has anyone else run into this problem?


Just skip it. This is not anything.

@Preston H wrote:

Just skip it. This is not anything.

 As Preston mentioned, you can safely skip this. Your LinkedIn profile will never show on your Upwork profile or vice versa, even if you DO manage to link them.

Upwork claims that the only utility that link has would be so they can create a back-end link in their system and get information about you and use that information to better pick job recommendations for you.


But in the "real world"... not really.

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