Can't Upload Photo



I was asked to do a video verification chat. I didn't have a photo on my account so the support admin removed the account so that i can upload one. I did but upwork says "Sorry we are unable to upload your photo, Try again later"


I contacted customer support but no one has been replying and i have had an open ticket since a couple of hours ago. Apparently the link assigned for my video chat has expired when iused it the first time and the admin directed me to upload a photo. Now i cant upload a photo or chat with support. Please advise me, i want to upload the photo and perform the video verification and i am afraid the 24 hours will be over before someone replies to me. 


I can attach the photo here if the support can help upload it. Thank you


Hello Adrieanna,


Have you tried clearing your cache and cookies? or tried uploading you photo using a different browser? If you still can't upload your photo, please reply on this thread.


Yes i have tried that. Unfortuanlty same message. "sorry something went wrong, we are unable to upload your photo"

Hello Adreianna,


We have escalated your concern. One of our representatives will reach out to you.


thank you for the prompt reply. apparently upwork had system issues