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Can't View my Message!


Hey Upwork Gurus,


I cannot view my messages everytime I try to access it comes up with the error message:


Attempting Recovery

Ace Contributor

Neither I can. Must be another major 'minor' problem.

I believe the servers are currently down.


I have noticed a problem today that I cannot download my messages to clients and they simply cannot open. The website works all right, but when I enter the "Messages" section, it loads for quite some time and then there is a pop-up that an error ocurred and that there is the attempt to recover the messages...yet nothing happens still.

Is it a temporary problem with this module of Upwork? 

Everything is described in topic, including messaging.

Thanks Upwork again (and I may assure you this was not my fault).


It is not just you. The site is (again) largely useless.

Yup, it's all down... (has been for a while despite Status page currently stating it's just the messaging system...)

We'll be right back. Promise.We'll be right back. Promise.

I'm having the same issue. Rather annoying, since I was about to hand in my first large project.
Couldn't access to upwork site and mobile app.

Hi All,


We apologize about the disruption, we are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the Upwork website. Our team is working to resolve the issue and we'll be back up ASAP. Please visit for the latest status. You can bookmark or subscribe to this page for the latest on site performance and any major issues affecting your use of the Upwork platform.

~ Bojan
Upwork is showing weather on Mars or Jupiter. This time I've made myself sure about this, when it was reporting 'We're having 'slight' issues with the messaging', whilst I could not even get into my profile.

The app is getting less reliable with time. One would think it should be getting improved...

Hi All,


Upwork is back up and fully functional. We're continuing to monitor but do let us know if you continue seeing any issues. Thank you for your patience.

~ Bojan
Nope, site is still full of bugs and is constantly down. Why can’t you all figure this out??? I’m missing a deadline because Of this. Will never use Upwork again

I can't to see my proposals and messages! 



We’ll be right back. Promise.

Our sincere apologies, but this page is temporarily unavailable. Check back soon.


Bad gateway

The web server reported a bad gateway error.




I have tried everything like Desktop Application, diffrent browsers with deleting all cache and mobiile,

but still upwork is unable to load messages sometimes i open page it shows me "Error 500 (o)" and "we are face abnormally unsual traffic"

Please help me i have done my only first job I have 600$ in it.