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Can't able to add Debit Card Details

Active Member

Hi Team,


This is to inform you that I am not able to add my Debit card details into my Upwork account. always there is an erroe showing as :


Unfortunately, your card did not pass our security screening process. Please check to make sure all of your billing information is correct. Cards may be rejected because of many factors, and we recommend calling your bank to ensure there is not an issue with the card being used. If you are sure all billing information is correct please contact customer support and include your account name and a valid phone number where you can be reached.


I am sure that I have entered 100% accurate information which is needed like VISA & CVV number but still error is showing I have tried many times but result remains same.


Also the Debit card is active, I use this normally I don't think that there is problem in Debit Card.


Your assistance on the same will be highly appreciated.


Thanks & Regards,


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dildar,


It appears that there was a problem with charging your card, so please contact your card issuing bank directly to check if there are any restrictions related to your account. Please add a different billing method in case you can't enable the one you tried using earlier.


Just to confirm, you're adding a billing method to your account in order to upgrade your membership and be able to purchase additional Connects?


Hi Vladimir & Team,

First of all I would like to know that If I will get client how I would get money Is it require to add Debit card detail to Upwork in order to receive the money?
Moving forward currently I am not looking to upgrade membership because recently I have joined I want to see how the site works I will let you know once I need membership. I hope it would be great experience for us.
Anticipating positive response from your end.
Many Thanks,



In order to add a payment method to withdraw your earnings from your Upwork account, please go to Settings> Get Paid and you will see available payment methods. You can find more information about it here.


If you don't want to upgrade your Membership just yet, then you don't need to add a Billing method which is different from your payment method.

~ Valeria