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Can't accept a job offer

Hi, I've been trying to accept a job offer and I can't. The button isn't enabled and therefore I can't accept it. It's the second time I'm going through this and despite cleaning cache, using other browser or even the app on my phone, I'm not able to accept it. Can someone help me?




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Dear Cassiana 😧

In my opinion, There will two options you can try to fixed the issue.

1. Please use browser incongnito mode to check the activity.

2. You can take help from the help center to resolve the issue.






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Cassiana, be extremely cautious with direct job offers since you are new. Freelancers with no experience are the favourite target of scammers.


You have no previous work history on Upwork, and there are probably thousands of people offering your same services: this means that it is extremely unlikely that a legitimate client would choose to pick you instead of other freelancers with a proven history.


You cannot apply to that job, because Upwork detected an issue with the client and suspended their account. Consider yourself lucky: you have probably been saved from a scam. 


By the way, would you be able to recognise a scammer? This is a very important read: Top Red Flags for Scams: From Community Membe... - Upwork Community

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