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Can't access my funds for 3 weeks now!


there was an error in one value of my new local bank withdrawal method, and the payment just disappeared without arriving anywhere (that was on May 28, and it hasn't been marked as Failed for some reason).

Several hours' chatting and email exchange have led to nothing. They say the update from the payment processor is still under review (that's about two weeks now). Could it be that the review process is broken?

In the meantime, the other scheduled payment FAILED today, and I can edit the payment method (it has been confirmed that my INN was incorrect).


I need help NOW. I need to know what became of my May 28 payment, and if I can now edit the payment method and request withdrawal again. Please review my other recent tickets, this may help avoid re-doing what has already been done.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Igor,


I understand your frustration with this and rest assured you will receive your funds. Please do not edit your payment method until this is resolved. For more information about this please refer to your ticket with number 28815802. If you have any additional questions feel free to follow up directly on your ticket and our team will assist you further. Thank you.

~ Goran

Yeah, frustration is the right word here. 

Upwork has never this to me before.

As to the nod to the ticket, of course it does not give me "more information".

The main problem though is that I ultimately need everything to work (I need my earnings) rather than "information".

Hey guys, it looks the standard route of seeking help fails for me.

Now it's 5 weeks since I requested a withdrawal, and Upwork hasn't restored the normal flow of getting paid. 

I wonder if there is a way to appeal to a higher authority than the regular "Support Service", because it seems Upwork processes have failed somewhere. At least I don't consider this situation normal.


I'm sure now the original problem was indeed in the INN value because I've had a similar problem on Payoneer, but they somehow managed to let me update my bank account details, and I've been withdrawing my funds successfully for some time already. Can't Upwork do the same now? I think it's high time they did. Please help me out on this, it shouldn't be complex.

Hi Igor,


I'm sorry to hear about all this. I followed up with the team handling your case and you can expect an update on your support ticket in a timely manner. 


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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