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Re: cant finish creating account as Country is defined wrongly

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Vitalii K Member Since: Apr 27, 2019
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Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Vitalii,


I have updated your country as requested. You should now be able to update your address by going to your settings page and updating your address in your Contact Info page.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Emma B Member Since: Apr 27, 2019
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I started signing up for while I was living in the U.K., although now I am in the U.S. The country box is greyed out, and I am unable to edit or verify a phone number since I don't have a U.K. phone, please help. 

Aleksandar D Moderator Member Since: Mar 23, 2019
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Hi Emma,


One of our team members will reach out to you directly via support ticket to assist you with your location issue.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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Paul M Member Since: Apr 27, 2019
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I have moved from the UK to Australia and I can't change my location to Australia. Please can somebody help me with this?

Community Guru
Riri A Member Since: Jul 21, 2018
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Hi Paul,


Your country has been changed from UK to Australia. Let me know if there's anything else. 

~ Riri
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Rouge K Member Since: Apr 30, 2019
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I started to create a new account when I was in UK. Now I have moved to UAE and trying to complete my profile but the country it keeps detecting is UK. I don't have a UK number anymore to even verify the account and I can't edit the location to UAE, it's not giving me an option. I tried to close my account but it's not showing me the option.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Goran V Moderator Member Since: Mar 24, 2017
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Hi Rouge,


Your country is now updated, thank you.

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Thiago L Member Since: Apr 30, 2019
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I can't continue with my profiling because of the mistake I made when I selected United States as my country even it is Brazil.
Need your kind help. Thanks Smiley Happy

Ace Contributor
Malik S Member Since: Jul 12, 2018
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Hi Thiago,


Please, go to your Settings> Contact Info> Location to change your country. Smiley Happy 


Good Luck