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Can't change location

After spending time creating a profile I couldn't set my location as US. I joined when living in Morocco a couple of years ago and never created a profile until today. I sent profile application for approval with Marrakech, Morocco as my city/country thinking I'd contact support and ask them to change. Now I can't find a contact email or address. Frustrated...

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Hi Cindy, Thanks for reaching out. What state are you in US so we can change this for you.

~ Jo-An


Thank you! I live in Nashville, TN. I couldn't change it on the profile application from Morocco.

Hi Cindy,

As I have checked your account, you can edit your information on your profile. Please hover your mouse to your profile picture and click on the Settings menu > click Contact Info at the left side of the screen and click the pencil icon on the Location tab.


2018-03-25 11_05_36-Contact info.jpg

~ Jo-An

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