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Can't contact support - page continuously refreshes

Hi guys,

I'm unsure if I'm doing anything wrong or should I have setup something different but I can't seem to reach the contact support page? It continuously refreshes on the page. I can't essentially be redirected.

My general concern is delayed payments and changing payment methods but I can't seem to reach support. Is there any other way for me to reach them? Been trying to find an email address that I can send a message to but I can't seem to find any.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Les Norman,


I'm sorry to hear you had trouble accessing the support pages, I'll make sure to notify the team so we can investigate what's happening. Can you please let me know what issues are you facing with your payment so we can assist you further? I'll escalate your concern to the support team directly if needed.


Thank you.

~ Luiggi

Hi Luiggi,

Thanks for the response.

Here's a list of issues that I want to address.

1. I have a payment that's really delayed. It's been sent since Dec 30 and I havent gotten it yet.
2. I have a payment that may potentially be the same case as the payment from Dec 30.
3. Because of the delays, I switched over to a new payment method. I still havent seen the confirmatory deposits.
4. I want to ask for a refund on accidentally purchasing plus on agency account. I had purchased it unwittingly and I have no way to revert back since the interface is a little confusing at times.


Hi Les Norman,


Thanks for following up! 


1) I checked the transaction and can confirm that it was successful from our end. Please note that Direct to Local Bank transactions are processed within four business days. If the transaction still hasn't reflected on your account after eight business days, you can come back here, and we will assist you further. Please also take note that bank holidays both in the U.S, and your location may affect these withdrawals. In the meantime, please read up on this help article for more information about Direct to Local Bank Timings and Fees.


2) For December 30th, I only found the withdrawal from above. Can you please send me more information about this?

3) and 4) One of our team members already reached out to you directly via a support ticket to assist you further.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Aleksandar,

Thanks from the prompt response from your team! 

I haven't received it yet and im generally worried. Upwork's been really timely in the past so I want to be sure that I actually do receive it. If I don't, I'm unsure if you get the money back or what?

Anyhow, I'll get bacl to you with #2 on this list. I've already received messages from the team and will get in touch. 

Thank you so much!

Hi Les Norman,


Rest assured, your funds are not lost. If you don't receive your funds after 8 business days since the withdrawal, our team can initiate a trace. In your case, that is on January 14th.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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