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Can't land my first job


I am an UX/UI designer and I have been in this filed for more 4 years now. I have been working in many different companies but recently I wanted to start indiviually. I just made my account yesterday and by then I have propoesed more then 7 jobs along with boost option, My portfolio is also top notch but still I cant  land my first job. Can anyone help me out with it .

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I'm having the same problem, despite having the "rising talent" badge, which doesn't seem to help me get the job I want. I'm buying connects for the third time and boosting proposals, but don't give up hope; keep sending proposals; you might get the job.

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Abdullah A,

Welcome to Upwork!

Since you are new to Upwork, getting your first job can be a challenge. I would suggest reading through this thread by Jeanne H; it will give you some perspective on what to expect on Upwork.


Good luck!

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To be honest Abdullah, I think your rate is way too high. You will need jobs under you belt before you can charge that.

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It can take 10 to 30 job propoals to land your first job because Upwork is highly competitive. Please click the Academy link at the top of this page for all types of tips on how to be successful. Have a great day!

William: nobody reads nothing. They are so thrilled to have an account and a misconception that on upwork jobs grow on trees.  They are there for you to pick.


If freelancers are confident in their abilities to deliver, they should invest in connects and boost their applications.  


Most of the time many just learned stuff very recently and think they can do anything.   Buyers look at their number of years of experience and portfolios (which can be faked - specially in the web design field)


And many times stuff in their profile don't fit.

It can take a lot more than 10 to 30 if you are new or inexperienced. I talk to freelancers with tremendous qualifications, and it takes many proposals for most to ever get a bite.

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