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Can't log in into my account - browser is downloading weird files

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Fagaras C Member Since: Jul 27, 2009
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Hi there,


I am on a MAC mini with OS X, Safari 8.07. I just tried to log in into my account in order to look for some messages. There are two scenarios:


1. I manage to get to the window where I am supposed to add my username and password, I click Log In. After several second (up to one minute) the browser is downloading from upwork a file name room_f0a2dd7a6a5eed218a6237d917ac8800 without any extension.


2. I cannot even get to the window where to insert username and password, browser does nothing (a blue line is showwing me that the website is loading) then suddenly it downalods a file named: message without any extension. See screenshots I took.


Screenshot 2015-07-29 22.03.46.jpg


The browser is wworking perfect as I am looged in other accounts on other websites: icloud, youtube, toggl.


I tried to close Safari and re open. Same behaviour.


The weird fact is that on second MAC upwork website is behaving OK. Second MAC has same configuration as the one I am experieencing those errors. Same OS, same Safari version same AV, same internet connnection etc.


Any suggestion?

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Faragas,


Could you please submit a ticket request to Custimer Support using this link?  The team will be able to help you more efficiently with your issue.


Sorry about the inconvenience.

~ Valeria