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Can't see my client's on my message list, but contract is still not closed


I can't seem to find my client from the mesage list after she created a contract for a test job. I am not sure what is going on. i could search her name and begin a new message thread but when I try to access our messages from the contract section, i get this error: serviceName: 'roomsDS', commandName: 'GetRoomSimplifiedHysCmd', error message: 'Room record not found by id: room_fb5f7a92d4914a293d33e7b4b63b5a54'

I searched for this error and it says its most likely the job was taken down for violating TOS, but the contract seems to be active so far. 


just wanted to know how to proceed with them incase they offer me the job. 


thank you!

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Community Manager

Hi Biruk,


Could you please let us know the Contract ID you're referring to so we could check?


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