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Can't switch to Agency Profile and go to "Find Work" page

Ace Contributor


I have an Agency account and I had option to select Agency profile or the Freelancer profile by using the top right profile-switching dropdown. 


Now I am experiencing an issue. I have Freelancer profile selected by default (when I log in to Upwork). When I try to select my Agency profile, it just redirects my to Messages page of my Freelancer profile. 

I have a number of unread messages in my Agency profile but I just cant view those due to this redirect. 


Furthermore, if I click "Find Work" from the Menu, it again redirects my to the Messages page of Freelancer profile. 

Anyone experiencing this issue or its just me?


I have checked on the my other team members computers and their accounts are working with no issue. My account is owner of Agency. May be this issue is only for owner account. 

Is this because of the recent update that Upwork has applied?


Thanks for the community support. 



Tahir A.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tahir,


I tried to duplicate and had no issues with switching between your freelancer, Agency and client profiles. I was directed to the Find Work page by default, accessed Messages on your Agency account and was able to navigate back to the Find Work page without any problems. 


Can you please clear your cache and cookies, try again and let me know if you're still having problems navigating your account?


Hi Vladimir,

Thanks a lot for your support.


I have removed cookies and cache for Upwork website from my chrome browser but the issue is still there.

Then I changed my browser and logged in using Firefox and it is working just fine.


Now, trying to resolve the issue of chrome also as thats my regular browser.

Thanks for the quick response.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Tahir,


I'm glad you were able to resolve this problem.


Note that I was also using Chrome when replicating your account navigation and had no issues with it, so the problem might be caused either by a specific browser setting on your end or by some other non-browser related factor.


I have finally resolved it for Chrome also. 

Thanks for your support.