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Can't upload the photo

Hello! I need your help! I can't upload the photo to my account. Photo's resolution is 1200x1200 px. File size is 1 MB. File extension is 'jpg'. Windows 10, Google Chrome.
I tried to:
- upload the different photos,
- change the resolution,
- use png-files,
- change the photo's name,
- clean the cach and cookies of browser,
- use other browsers (Opera, Mozilla, IE),
- reload my PC.
And I still can't do it. Please help me.

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Maksym, 

Can you resize the resolution on 300x300 px and see if you receive the same error. If yes let me know and one of our team members will contact you directly and assist you further.

~ Goran

Many thanks for the quick response! I resized the resolution on 300x300 px and received the same error. Also I tried to use the 250x250 px resolution. Unfortunately, nothing helped me.

Hi Maksym,

Thank you for the follow up, one of our team members will check this from our end.

~ Goran
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