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Can't win a project

Hi, I need your help with regards to my profile. I had been applying for so many jobs but wasn't able to get a project. I had done only one and nothing followed. is there something wrong with my profile? Any tips to win a project?I will appreciate all your response.

This is what I thought when I saw your profile. Of course, it's just my humble opinion. You start with this: "My strength is the ability to deliver results on time." Well, of course. Who wants to hire someone that will not deliver results in time? This is like saying "My strength is to do what I am supposed to do". The rest of the text sounds like a robot talking. You should try to write something that really reflects who are you and why you think that clients should hire you (and not other person). Also, when applying to jobs, writing good cover letters helps a lot. If you can have a look at mine and tell me your insights, it will be helpful :) Good luck!