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Can't withdraw and there's unauthorized refund

Hi since last week I can't withdraw my fund to my account. Also, this day I have unauthorized refund from a client without any reason. It's an hourly work, I don't know the reason for the refund. 


Hi Jea,


I'm sorry to hear about the unexpected refund that's been processed on your account. Please note that when the client fails to pay for hours logged by the freelancer, any hours that aren't covered by Upwork Hourly Protection may be reversed.


I can see that the team has reached out to you via email with more information about the reversal of the funds and you've already raised a support ticket regarding your withdrawal issue. Note that support requests are responded to in the order they are received. Kindly allow 24-48 hours for the team to follow up with you and assist you further. 


Please don't hesitate to coordinate with the team by responding to the email about the unexpected reversal of your funds. The team will surely assist you accordingly. You may access your tickets linked to your concerns here.


~ Arjay

Have you ever considered not calling it a "refund" when payment from the client is never processed and no refund is actually made? This is a constant source of confusion for freelancers when client payment methods fail. "Refund" conveys that you have received money from the client, then taken it back from the freelancer and returned it to the client.

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