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Can we create custom project templet?


Can we create custom project templet?

A client ask me to work on project however his requirement is not in my project plan so can we create custom templet?


Thank you!



Machin Rimai.

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I had the same problem today. I couldn't find any such option. So I requested the client to start the contract


Hi Mesra,


The idea of Project Catalog is that everything is pre-scoped by you before the client buys, and when they buy you both commit to the deliverable, the due date and price. If a client has custom needs, they may want to post a custom job and invite you to apply instead. You can edit any approved project in your Project Catalog by choosing the three dots (...) button. We will be reviewing for completeness and professionalism and you’ll be notified when the review is published. You can refer to this link for more information.


Thank you.



Machinmi, Mesra: Like Pradeep is saying, the whole purpose of the Catalog is to have pre-defined and scoped projects. By default, this means that both the scope, number of revisions, price, etc. is something that clients can go click and buy, after which you start working without much discussion.


One logo for $X, a landing webpage for $Y, and so on. Something that is easy for you to deliver in hopefully large numbers without spending much time discussing the details.


Other freelance platforms in the low-end markets have employed this model quite well. Simple services with simple pricing.


In my line of work, this just doesn't work out. The only reason I listed some projects there is that I was hoping to make one of my consulting services more visible than without it. I don't expect anyone to buy my or anyone else's services that are complicated in nature through Project Catalog.


It's there for a different purpose altogether.


What you should do is to ask your clients to make a normal job post, old school, and invite you to it. Problem solved.


No need to think too complicated. 😉

Hi Mikko,

Thanks for your input, I'm not thinking complicated, it was actually requested by client, as a trial service to break down the $ amt. since the client doesn't have much knowledge about my work experience, he want to buy a trial services however the amount was fixed, like me I'm new in the platform I consider even the small project, to earn rating and to show my skills to the client.


Thank you all for taking out your time to answer, really appretiated..

Good day ahead!

I understand. Then, just ask the client to set up a normal project. It's the easiest and safest way forward. Good luck! 👍

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