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Can we show what kind of jobs we can do in our profile and what we would like to do as a freelancer?

My suggestion is that Upwork would let us freelancers make a page to show what kind of jobs we can do so the people searching for freelancers can be directed to us and it would be easier to find work also. I can do other things like crafts (crocheting, sewing, etc) which I could highlight. Also, I could voice what kind of jobs I would like to do. All the jobs listed in Upwork are so one-sided in that they all require so many qualifications that only a few may have and if we show of our own qualifications then that would help I think. Not everyone is a genius but most of us are pretty good at what we do :-).

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@Marina -- You can use the Portfolio section of your Profile page to highlight much of the work you can do.

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Hi Marina,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. You can send feedback to the team by scrolling down on your home page and clicking 'Feedback' in the left bottom corner. While the team can't respond every comment, please know that we read and appreciate every suggestion that comes our way.

- Aaron
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