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Can you add "interviewing" and "Hired" on homepage job posts?


I am thinking that if we can see for a Job post how many freelancers are being interviewed or a client has already hired someone or not, this would be great. Just the numbers of freelancers.

Right now we can only see "save this job" and "close" options. If the engineers could add  "interviewing" and "hired" options too, we can decide without opening the job post to apply or not.

I hope to take a look at this matter.





You can see that anyway, and have been able to for as long as I can remember......................



I think, he meant to show this here. 

Zamir Uddin

You should not be looking for jobs based on how many people are interviewing for the job. Look for jobs based on the skills required and whether or not the job seems like a good match for your skills.


If you click on a job you're interested in and see that there are too many people already interviewing for your comfort, then you can always choose not to apply.


I don't need to see the number of people interviewing for a job as the first thing I notice when I see a job listing.

I agree with you Preston. Although I was looking for a heads up, thats all. Thanks.

I meant on the homepage.



"Interviewing" is basically "client responded to proposal." It seems like a poor choice in words, but meh whatever.