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Canadian members having issues with getting their GST number verified.

See below how I was able to fix this issue.  It may not work for you… but it did for me!

I am Canadian, and I also had struggles registering my GST/QST numbers on Upwork when I enrolled.

Upwork support was useless as no one was able to tell me what the problem could be (they should know now… as I share my experience with them and as this is a recurring issue for Canadian members).

Most of the time, this issue happens when there is a discrepancy between the member' official name (for the Canadian government) and the name the member used to register on Upwork.  As the Tax ID verification is related to Gvmt taxes, the member' name/fist name(s) must match 100%.


It can be as simple as a "-" between the two first names (such as Marie-Louise instead of Marie Louise).

In my specific case, my official full name (under which my tax registration was done) was "Helene-Renee Minville".  However, I was trying to have my tax ID verified in Upwork using "Helene Minville".  Therefore, it was impossible to confirm a perfect match, resulting in the rejection of the verification.  I was able to solve that issue with contacting Services Canada (federal gvmt) where an agent was able to fix it. 

I hope this will help few of you!

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Thank you for sharing your experience and solution to the issue with verifying GST numbers on Upwork as a Canadian member. It's great to see that you were able to resolve the problem by contacting Services Canada and ensuring that your official name matches the name on your Upwork account.

This can be a helpful tip for other Canadian members who may encounter similar issues with verifying their tax IDs on Upwork. It's important to ensure that all the information provided to Upwork for verification purposes matches the information on record with the Canadian government to avoid any discrepancies or errors.



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