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Cancel Contract without Asking

Hey Everyone, I hope all are fine and doing well. I am tensed, what is happening with me? Yesterday night, I submit one proposal. After some time, the client sent me an offer to start the contract. But before discussing the project scope I never accept the offer. So, we had done well communication and agree with the terms. He is asking to submit the half work within one day but I said no. I will submit the work within 2 days. Can you give me 2 days to complete the half work? He said, Yes. So, I already shared with him my sample and he approved the work. I start the work on the project and completed 30% of half work. He came and end the contract without asking? I know that is the client right but he said you are taking too long? What? Did we agree to do that work within 2 days? He is asking to refund the escrow amount. I am not sure what action I need to take. That will be also hurt my JSS. 😞 There is not my fault. But he agreed to pay me partial payment of my work. Like 30 percent. So Can I approve his request when he sends me a partial payment for the completed work (30 percent)?


Hi Hamza,


I'm glad to hear you and your client have been able to discuss the situation and come to a mutual agreement to resolve the issue. You have a couple of options on how you could proceed. Your client could issue a bonus of the amount you both agree to for the work done, and then after that's cleared, you can approve their Escrow refund request. Alternatively, you can dispute their refund request and inform the mediation team about your agreement so they can assist you in arranging the payment.



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