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Cancel contract without payment - Freelancer

Hi, is it possible to cancel (not end) the contract without any payment? Because I have an issue with my client.

Here's a thing...

I've made 3D animation in 2+ weeks and my client liked solid animation. After rendering my client didn't like and I've made some changes because it looked cheap (and it also was a cheap project), but after the changes, the client told me that the render looked nice.


Do you know that moment when "only one more change is left"?


It passed 1 week and I can't communicate with him.


I don't want to end the contract, because it looks troubling man, that's why I need to cancel it because it will lower my reputation.

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Hi Nodari,


While generally it is best to discuss this with the client and let them finalize any payments and end the contract, the freelancer can also end the contract anytime. Please, note that if you're ending a fixed-price contract, any funds that are still in Escrow will be refunded back to the client.

~ Valeria
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